5 Ways To A More Environmentally Friendly Home

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The Basics

Having a more environmentally friendly home has never been more important not only does it reduce our pollution and contamination rate but it also helps develop a better future for our children.

Choosing eco products for your home can really boost your self esteem because 'honestly you are doing something amazing for society'. It helps you save money especially in the home. Little things as simple as changing to an energy saving light bulb can reduce your monthly bill by £££.

We at KM Homeware try to choose the products we sell wisely and have a lot to offer as far as recycled products. Is every single one of our products eco friendly 'No' but we are working towards this goal and is something we are proud of.

5 Ways To A More Eco Home

  1. Choosing more energy efficient products - As previously mentioned changing light bulbs to energy saving, setting TV and stereo systems to eco options. Switching energy provider to one that is 100% renewable is quick and hassle free to do plus all the energy used on a renewable tariff is effectively zero carbon for the environment.
  2. Choose your home ware products wisely - Recycled materials are now becoming available on a much larger scale so it has never been easier to be wise with the items in your home. KM Homeware is proud to say all our cushions, rugs and blanket throws are made from 100% recycled yarn and cotton.
  3. Changing up your cleaning products - We recently found out that both surface wipes and wet wipes are almost 100% plastic we were shocked. After taking a look through our cleaning cupboard we found the majority of our products were not as friendly to the planet as they should be. Thankfully brands such as Dettol and Method now offer environmentally friendly product so we are able to replace the plastic surface wipes with biodegradable ones.
  4. Fix it don't throw it - As a society we create so much waste by throwing away items that we feel no longer have a purpose or have broken. Up - cycling is now becoming a lot more popular, sites such as YouTube and Pintrest offer great step by step tutorials to help fix and update furniture. If your item is definitely not for you anymore why not pop it on Facebook Marketplace. One persons trash is another persons treasure and as an extra bonus you could make a few pennies.  
  5. Grow your own - Growing your own fruit and vegetables is so rewarding. We started off with a little herb garden and have now built our way up to fruit and small vegetables. The children love helping plant the veg and watching them grow it becomes a big family activity and gets us out in the fresh air more often. Once our fruits have grown we serve them on our Bamboo plates for an added Eco touch.

 Make A Change

No matter how small or big by making little changes we can make a big difference for our plant and children's future. We now have information offered to us at the touch of a button and it's never been more important to educate ourselves and create a better life for one another.

KM Homeware

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