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Our Homeware Shop

Hi everyone I am Kate part owner of KM Homeware (the other being my husband) and I wanted to make our first blog post giving you all a little information about us and our homeware shop.

Where it all began

For the last seven years I have been a stay at home mum to three little ones and my day to day went from working full time to changing nappies and getting a routine in place at home. It's been during this time that I started to pick up a "Hinch style" cleaning routine and began to do some big decorating projects around the home. I have come to realise these decorating project are on going and much to my husbands dismay my style an ideas are constantly changing. Thank you Pinterest!

As you know when you start decorating your home you become addicted to finding the right items to compliment your style and create your ideal look. This has been me for the last two years. I am obsessed with finding little trinkets, smart storage solutions and decorative items that fit into my home well without disrupting my family lifestyle. I needed reasonably priced, trendy items that are durable for when the kids try and touch everything, quick to receive and easy to return (if item was not as expected).

After much discussion with the hubby we decided to open KM Homeware.  

What is KM Homeware?

KM Homeware has become my new baby. I spend my days searching through items upon items in hope of finding little gems for products that we can add to our homeware shop.

We look for good quality homeware items at reasonable prices and upload them all into one place for you to browse and find the perfect candle, blanket throw, or rug etc. to match your style.

We concentrate on looking for child friendly items such as sensible storage for all the toys, children's dinner ware sets that are eco friendly and sturdy whilst still being fun for kids to use.

When you do have precious items we have shelving to put these higher up out of the way from little hands. We also try to ensure each of our products are easy to clean as we all know children can create havoc on a new cushion or blanket.  

How we care for your items

We offer a quick delivery service in which we pack and post items on the same day/ next day of ordering.

Due to the recent Covid -19 outbreak we can assure we are doing everything to abide by the standards set. Before even packing your order every surface is cleaned and sanitised. Each item will only ever be boxed whilst wearing a brand new pair of gloves and facial mask, into a box that has previously been in cellophane. Your item is then carefully wrapped to ensure protection throughout the postage journey. Right up to the point of postage your item is handled by a person from KM Homeware wearing gloves and a facial mask.   

Our customers have generally received our items within 2  days of postage depending on your location. We also have a return policy available on our website if you were to incur any problems.

Let Us Know

So now you know a little bit about us at KM Homeware it would be great to know a little about you. Let us know in the comment section what you think of our site, is there anything you were looking for that you couldn't find? Did you have any problems navigating around our homeware shop? What has been your favourite item? 

Until our next post we hope you are all safe and well.

Kate x


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